I. grade grade 1 [greɪd] noun [countable]
1. a particular level of quality that a product, material etc has:

• The best grades of tea are expensive.

2. JOBS a particular level of job:

• Staff from ethnic minorities were not being promoted beyond junior grades.

  [m0] II. grade grade 2 verb [transitive]
to judge something and say officially what its size or quality is:

• All the parks are regularly checked and graded by tourist board inspectors.

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grade UK US /greɪd/ noun [C]
BANKING a letter or combination of letters used by ratings agencies to show how certain they are that a loan will be paid back by the person or organization that borrowed the money: »

Bonds which are rated A are considered as upper-medium grade obligations.

See also INVESTMENT-GRADE(Cf. ↑investment-grade)
PRODUCTION one of the levels of quality given to a particular product or substance : »

March futures on commercial grade coffee closed at $1.04 per pound Friday.

high/low grade »

Technicians carefully loaded new fuel rods of high grade uranium into the cooling water.

aircraft/human/weapons, etc. grade »

The scooters are made from aircraft grade aluminium alloy and weigh just 2.76kg.

HR a level or division within an organization or system: »

The administrative grade, recruited from top-quality university graduates, prepares policy advice for ministers.


a pay/salary grade

make the grade — Cf. make the grade
grade UK US /greɪd/ verb [T] PRODUCTION, HR
to judge the quality of a product, substance, or organization, or the performance of an employee: »

The fibre is graded and packed into bales for transport to factories for spinning, dying, and milling.

be graded on sth »

He said that principals and superintendents would be graded on leadership and school performance.

be graded for sth »

Inside the world's largest covered building, the flowers are graded for quality and catalogued by computer.

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